Norfolk Newborn Baby Photographer- A peek into my Pennycress studio….(and my addiction to blanket shopping!)

Mar 8, 2012 | Uncategorized

I know, I know I promised you I would keep this blog up to date and I have been utterly rubbish! It has been a bit of a manic few weeks here again with a lot of 1:1 newborn training days in the diary, and of course lots of squishy gorgeous newborn sessions. Anyway, I intended for this blog to be a little bit of a behind the scenes look at the goings on here at Pennycress so I thought today I would show you some snaps of my studio space I work in. I really love being nosey and seeing where other photographers work so it is only fair I share too!

I would love to tell you I work from a  wonderful converted barn with huge windows and oak floors… one day maybe, but for now I work in the conservatory on the back of my home. It is actually pretty much perfect for the newborn photography job, there is always lots of natural light (sometimes too much!) it is easy to heat and I have everything that I might need to hand. Here are some snaps taken from outside a few months ago…it’s worth noting I now have a lovely, new Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag which is wonderful and even matches my little sofa!

I also have a garage full of beds, baskets, boxes,prams, chairs, more floors and backdrops etc etc etc….. If you have any questions or comments please do comment below 🙂


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Little Penny

Little Penny

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Logan’s Birthday Session

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