I am now officially “Qualified and Award Winning”!

Mar 25, 2012 | Uncategorized

I am a “self taught” photographer, photography began as a hobby and through years of reading, YouTube videos, training courses, brain picking and of course practice, I have reached the point I am at now. I really wanted to get a qualification for my own reassurance and confidence, to show me how far I had come.  I know that there are no regulatory bodies here in the UK for Photographers but hopefully it would also reassure potential clients that I set minimum standards and am competent to a certain level too.

Sooo, anyway back in February I headed over to Aylesbury and the Head Office of BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) to submit a range of my work forwards to a panel of judges in order to gain my Licentiate qualification. I had to show 25 images printed large and then all images form one session and I am very pleased to say I passed!!

I have also become a Qualified member of the Guild of Photographers and am very chuffed to say that I entered 3 images into their Professional Photography Competition in February and won one Silver Bar and 2 Bronze Bars! A fantastic result for my first entries I thought!

Below you can see a selection of the images submitted for my BIPP Licentiate Panel and also then the 3 Guild Award winners.

Sooo what’s next? I might work towards the next level of qualification with either BIPP or The Guild and will keep striving to get a Gold Bar Award too I think! Watch this space…


Some of my BIPP Panel Images


The Guild of Photographers Silver Bar Award Image



and the 2 Bronze Awards….


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