Gorgeous Little Newborn Baby Betsy’s Sneaky Peek…..

Sep 6, 2012 | Uncategorized

Today’s wonderful little model, 6 day old Betsy, presented me with a unique challenge…. she was the most squishy, gorgeous, sleepy customer but was a breach baby and couldnt bend her legs for the usual poses. Here are 2 images for her sneaky peek, my favourite and the bottom image (unedited) is her preferred position she put herself in, she was sooooo sweet and gave us lots of smiles and adorable little cooing noises. xx



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Little Penny

Little Penny

I recently got to meet the very teeny tiny ickle Penny, she had arrived a couple of months early. I met her for her newborn portrait session when she was already about 6 weeks old but still just 5lb 4oz. Such a teeny but gorgeous little one, big brother came along too...

Logan’s Birthday Session

Logan’s Birthday Session

The very awesome little Logan came to see me recently for his 1st birthday photo session, like many of the 1 year olds I meet he wasn't too interested in eating or smashing the cake. It usually goes 1 of 2 ways, either they adore it and get stuck right in, or more...