A Very Special Post About a Very Special Little Poppet!

Sep 24, 2014 | Uncategorized

Pull up a chair and a little cuppa as I really want to share a special set of images with you and tell you about a network of amazing people too….

A couple of weeks ago I received a call via a local hospice who were looking for a photographer to meet up with a very special little girl called Isabella.

Isabella had sadly contracted a virus while she was in-utero and the doctors did not know how long she would be with us. I got in touch with the family and a couple of days later I got to meet the very gorgeous little lady when she was 5 weeks old. She was defying the odds and was home and doing well so her Mummy and Nannie decided to bring her to the studio for her session, here are some of her images…




Yesterday, the family popped in to see me with the most gorgeous bouquet (Thank you so much x) and brought Isabella to say hello again. The good news continues, as I am pleased to say she is still doing really well and proving those Doctors wrong, what an amazing little fighter! You show them girl! xx


So… now for a little about some related and fabulous charities that operate here in the UK.

Firstly Butterfly Wishes Network, which is a not-for-profit organisation made up of UK-based professional photographers who would like to offer their services free of charge to families of children with life-shortening conditions. The aim of the network is to find a photographer who will donate their time and services to to those who need it most. These photographers will provide a free session and a minimum of 10 digital images for the family to have, license free. Please check out their website for more information and to see some of the amazing stories. 

NILMDTS  and Remember My Baby also consist of  networks of amazing photographers who provide free sessions and images for families suffering loss of a baby.

Much of the wonderful work done by these networks is private and so I am very grateful to Isabella’s Mummy for allowing me to share her images and help spread word of these wonderful charities and their amazing volunteers. Please do take a look and if you know any families who could benefit from their services then get in touch via their pages.



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