How to Choose Your Newborn Photographer When There are so Many Out There!

Feb 2, 2020 | Newborn, Photography & Business

Choosing a Newborn Photographer is a difficult decision these days, you only have to do a quick search on Google to see how many of us are out there now. A recent Facebook post someone tagged me in had over 30 different photographers recommended in the area! When I started out there were 6 of us in the UK and now there are more than that in my home town. Newborn Photography has really taken off, so how on earth do you find the one that is right for you?

Searching Online

Obviously the Internet is a great place to start, and my advice would be to find a photographer in your geographical vicinity. After all you’ll have just had a baby so you won’t want to travel too far. To narrow down the search field add a location to your search, ie “Newborn Photographer Norwich” Google maps even lets you search for businesses near you too.

Ask Around

Whilst Google is a great source of information and you can check out the reviews too, I would say that word of mouth is an even better way to get recommendations, and talking to someone who has already used a photographer and is happy is even better!

Once you have narrowed down the list of your preferred photographers there are a few more important things that you should consider when making your final choice.


Your top priority should always be safety. The photographer will be working with and handling your precious new baby, find out what training and experience they have had. Some of the poses that you see on photographers websites are actually two images that have been merged together, these are called composite images, this is done so that the baby is supported at all times, those supporting hands are then edited out using software such as Photoshop. The photographer needs to know about so many safety aspects during the session it is important they have done some training in this area.


I would suggest first making enquires to see if any of the photographers on your shortlist have availability around your due date. The sooner you start your search, the more choice you will have. Most Newborn Photographers recommend Mums-to-be book around their 12 or 20 weeks scan. Babies are rarely born on their due date so this means that Newborn Photographers need to allow lots of wiggle room in their diaries, which is why their diary’s fill up fast!


Do you love their images, are those the sort of images and style that you would like to have as art hanging on the walls of your home? Do they have a varied portfolio of different images and poses and do the babies look comfortable? Most photographers have a website, Instagram, a blog or a Facebook page.  It’s on Instagram and Facebook that you would probably see their most up to date work. Have a read of their page; it’s a good place to get a feel of how happy their clients are but do those images “speak to you” our styles are all very different and so find one who suits you. My style, for example, is very natural, monocrome colours and very different to those who use props and bright colours.


Last but not least is the cost. I am a great believer in “you get what you pay for,” but what exactly are you getting? It is worthwhile considering what goes into the overall cost to understand what questions to ask your photographer most offer different packages and price points so see which matches your budget. Please do bear in mind that someone with insurances, experience, safety training and that is a professional who carefully edits your images, will cost more than someone just starting out. Please do put the safety of your little one first before costs. Also be sure you are aware of all costs upfront. Many businesses attract you in with a voucher deal or free image and shoot then charge high amounts for files or prints. At the end of the day all professional businesses have to make money, if the costs are not clear upfront then you may be in for a shock after the session when it comes to buying images.

One thing to mention is that when you are considering cost, please take into account that when you purchase digital files or any products for that matter, you are not paying for the physical print or USB, you are purchasing bespoke unique artwork that has been created especially for you. Images that you and your family will cherish for many years to come.

Hopefully, this blog will help you navigate through your decision and ensure you have a rewarding time that results in capturing images that you’ll treasure for many years.

If you think I can help with your Newborn images then please do get in touch. I have 11 years experience with newborns, I have photographed over 1000 babies and trained hundreds of other newborn photographers. My style is natural and classic. You can see all my current prices and packages at the link on the top of this page.


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