Newborn photography is my specialism here at Pennycress. With over 7 years experience photographing over 700 newborns and a classic, timeless style, Pennycress is the number one choice for discerning customers seeking Newborn Photography sessions from Norwich, Norfolk, North Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Please book your newborn portrait session as far in advance as possible, ideally right after your 12 week scan, to avoid disappointment. Please check out the portfolio for examples of my newborn work, or the Blog for my most recent work.

How does it all work?

Once you have a slot booked in then we can move your session if little one is early or late.

All my sessions include family images so siblings are welcome at newborn sessions but I ask where possible, that someone can take them away after their images are done. A full studio newborn 4 hour session is very long and boring for them.

I love to incorporate the new parents into all sessions, providing gorgeous images of you and your new baby to cherish forever so prepare to be in the images yourself even if it is just a hand or a finger!

Remember, the best time to book to avoid disappointment is right after your 12 week scan. Newborn Studio sessions are held at my studio in Wymondham, near Norwich in Norfolk.

Take a look at the newborn portfolio for some examples of my favourite images and you can see my most recent work over at the Blog too.



The Full Newborn Studio Session

My full newborn studio sessions need to be held in the first five weeks after birth and the best time is usually days 5-10. In these first few days not only does your baby have that true newborn look but they are mostly very sleepy and still curly from being in the womb. This means we can get some wonderful poses while they are dreaming away. Due to the demand for these sessions and the narrow window of opportunity combined with limited spaces each month, please book your session as far ahead as you can, ideally straight after your 12 week scan.

The full session gives us up to 4 hours to get our best chance at those curled up sleepy poses for you. The session is 100% led by baby and what they need, so if they need a feed or a cuddle then not a problem. After over 700 babies I am also pretty good at guessing when a poop might be coming! Little accidents are par for the course and part of every session so please don’t worry!

In Home Lifestyle or Documentary Session

The in home lifestyle or documentary sessions are superb for capturing your new expanded family in your own space, this leads to some amazing and unique images that will provide a real heirloom album to look back on in the future. Imagine if your parents handed you an album that showed you as a baby at home with your family- looking at the decor and the house you grew up in all those years ago etc!


Gift Vouchers are available for any amount or for a product, package or session. They make an amazing Baby Shower or Maternity leaving do present!