Your Session at the Studio

Your Newborn Studio Session

What do we need to bring?
You will need to bring enough feeds for little one to cover the 3-4 hours that full newborn sessions can sometimes take. Also the usual changing bag and related bits and bobs.

What will happen at the session?
When you arrive, if you have not already done so then I will ask you to feed baby after undressing them and wrapping them in a snuggley blanket.  It can really help if you have time, to give baby a bath in the morning before your session, this can make them lovely and sleepy later at their session. If you live within 30 mins of the studio please feed baby before you leave home.

If you could dress them in a simple white short-sleeved vest (with other clothes on top if needed for the weather!)  This means we don’t need to wake them by pulling vest etc over their heads, The combination of full tummy and being comfy and warm should make them nice and sleepy. Of course this isn’t all always possible and we don’t want an upset baby so do what is best for them at the time, even with an awake baby we can get a lot of wonderful images for you. With my new authentic relaxed style we do not need baby to be in a deep sleep for posing.

At all my sessions I include the parents and any siblings too, for me, the thing that makes images so special is showing the love and connection with your new little one.

Sessions then run very differently every time as it all depends on your little one, what they are comfortable with. I only book one session per day but due to the unpredictable nature of babies I cannot guarantee and particular pose or image will be achieved.

What should we wear?
For all baby sessions please dress baby in a simple short-sleeved white vest. For some shots, they may be naked but rest assured I am very used to lots of little accidents so don’t worry if they wee or poop with a nappy off,  I always shoot sensitively with private areas covered.

I adore capturing images of the parents and any siblings with baby, as I mention above, for me, it is connection and loving bonds that make the best images,  so please wear plain and simple clothing and be prepared to be in the images!  White or light grey tops work well with my style or I have a couple of tops you may borrow, if possible please also bring a black t-shirt if you have one. Dads often choose to go topless which makes for some wonderful images too.

Think about your nails for those close-up shots of baby gripping your fingers and their feet in your hands etc, a nice natural clean nail is perfect! Also, just a note that fake tan and face highlighters can look funny on images so you may want to avoid putting those on for the session.
Finally, you might want to bring a spare change of clothes just in case you get caught by one of the aforementioned little accidents!
The studio space gets very warm so you may want to also be prepared and wear layers even in wintertime.

Can my other children be involved in the session?
Siblings are very welcome and again, their relationship with baby makes for some wonderful images. It can be useful if you bring some small treat snacks which we can use as “encouragement” in the shoot if needed. The sessions may also be long so bringing something for them to do in between their shots can help too.

What do I do now?
Please add me to the list of people the tell that little one has arrived.  If they have arrived early or late then we will may need to amend the provisional session date you have booked to ensure we fit you in as soon as possible.


Your Maternity Studio Session

What should I wear?

As you can see from my sample portfolio, I use a very simple colour palette for my shoots. Most maternity sessions work best with my style if you wear, white tops and dresses, or black and light grey colours. Please bring a few changes of outfits is you wish. I also have some maternity gowns, chunky jumpers, tops and other outfits here at the studio that you may borrow too. Most are suitable for sizes 10-14.

Think about your nails for those close-up shots, a nice natural clean nail is perfect! Also, just a note that fake tan and face highlighters can look funny on images so you may want to avoid putting those on for the session.

Can my partner and other children be involved in the session?
Absolutely yes!  Partners and your other children are very welcome to join in with the session and be included in the images. If they could wear white or light grey tops too that would be perfect!

 Older Baby, Toddler & Birthday Sessions

The first few minutes of an older baby mini session are always spent getting to know little one and letting them look around the studio. They can feel a bit uneasy at first as the situation is new to them but I always take the time to settle them in. This ensures we get nice natural expressions and smiles because they feel comfortable. For Special seasonal Mini Sessions, this settling in time is reduced but I still do my best to give the little one time to settle and see where they are.

What Should We Wear?

You are welcome to bring your own favourite outfits, white, light grey or bold monocrome skandi prints work well with the white studio colours and props. I do however have quite a good range of outfits which you are welcome to borrow. You can see some of the outfits I have in a post I popped on the blog and portfolio gallery.

Don’t forget you will be in the images too so remember to have clean nails and where possible wear white or light grey tops or dresses etc.

Do I need to bring anything?

For birthday session bubble baths I use either Matey bubbles or Sanex Dermo for Kids, if your little one has very sensitive skin please do bring your own bubbles. Please also bring a bath towel to dry them in too.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help with.